Color Explosion

Color Explosion (low res)

Yesterday, Ozimals launched their Holi Hunt.  Three of the prizes from it are shown in the image above: the featured item is the Phalgun Purnima body paint from Fallen Gods, but the Splattered Classix Nouveaux shoes from Schadenfruede and Lambie Pie – Lalu from ~silentsparrow~ also are amazing.  As usual, click the photo to see the high resolution version on Flickr.

Now, the body paint is NOT fullbright like you might think after looking at the above image – I did some Windlight tweaks to make it appear that the paint is glow-in-the-dark.  Below after the credits, I have a photo of the same settings and same outfit with a more normal Windlight so you can see how it normally looks.  Either way, the body paint looks amazing, as do the shoes and the lamb companion.

Also featured in the image is a swimsuit from VITAMEN that is currently exclusively available at Menswear Fashion Week.  Vitamen Hax has been out of world for a while, so I was glad to see this new pattern available.  Please note that the swimsuit is made of sculpties, so you will most likely have to modify it to fit your shape.

Swimsuit | VITAMEN SideRing Bikini Flower Line – ForestGreen (at MWFW)
Body Paint | Fallen Gods Inc HOLI Phalgun Purnima (at Ozimals Holi Hunt)
Shoes | Schadenfreude Splattered Classix Nouveaux (at Ozimals Holi Hunt)

Hair | Uw.St Jin-Hair02 black
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
Skin/Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Body/Hands/Feet | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Ears | AITUI Gen 4 Naked

Pose | In-Pose! Frolic 6 [unavailable]

Photo with a more normal Windlight:
Color Explosion (normal-wl low res)

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