The Tinderling

The Tinderling

Cerridwen’s Cauldron has long been known as one of Second Life’s premier creators of fantasy plants, trees, architecture, and so much more.  They recently branched out into creating avatars – the Tinderlings!  These adorable avatars come in both petite and normal avatar sizes, and they even come with a mask on a stand for you to place in your home.

The Forest Tinderling, RFL Edition * is dressed all in purple, the official color of the Relay For Life.  In the photo above, I am wearing the larger version.  In addition to the Forest Tinderling, there is also a mushroom version available, with both versions being Relay For Life donation items, meaning that 100% of their purchase price goes to the Relay For Life.

One of the incredibly cute features of the Tinderlings is their ability to fold up into a little pile of wood with a button click on their HUD.  Then, when you’re ready for them to, they jump up, like I did in the photo above.  The rest of their animations can be taken care of by any standard AO.

I photographed the Tinderling on Wildehaven Marsh, one of the Fantasy Faire sims.  Designed, built, and sponsored by rynn Verwood of Solarium, Whildehaven Marsh features a village-like setting around a central marshy area.  The quality of the build is absolutely stunning.  Make sure to visit it and the other 12 Fantasy Faire sims before the event closes on May 3rd!

Avatar | Cerridwen’s Cauldron Forest Tinderling, RFL Ed.* (RFL Donation Item at Fantasy Faire)

Location | Wildehaven Marsh

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