Atlas at the Gym

Atlas at the Gym 1

A couple of weeks ago, another male mesh body was released, this one more muscular than the popular Mesh Project body.  The Niramyth Aesthetic body has arrived!  There have been many other posts on other blogs detailing the body’s strengths and weaknesses – the lack of alpha cuts, the difficulty of making it worth with the default avatar head (I never got mine to look right with it, so I am wearing the included mesh head), and the lack of clothes that fit it currently compared to the excellently-sculpted chiseled physique.  Personally, I feel that The Mesh Project’s body is more “me,” but Niramyth’s body is very well-made, and I can see myself using it situationally.

To show off the body in the photo above, I’m wearing Casa Del Shai‘s mystery rare from TAG! Gacha, the spinning globe!  I think it works perfectly to turn the Niramyth body into an Atlas-like character.  Now, it is Fantasy Faire time still, so I incorporated a bit of that using the lamps and the building.  Both are from Fallen Gods, and are Relay For Life donation items.

Atlas at the Gym 2

The Niramyth body is currently lacking clothing, but one of the best things that has been made for it so far is this pair of workout shorts*, created by ..::ILLI::..!  They come with a HUD that lets you choose from 10 different colors, and then you’re also able to tint from there.  All of the decor from N4RS finished off the scene, creating a tranquil area for the Niramyth body to stay in shape.  Full credits are below!

Globe (Photo 1) | Casa del Shai Strongman Atlas MYSTERY RARE (for TAG! Gacha)
Shorts (Photo 2) |..::ILLI::.. N88 Shorts*

Glasses | [Steinwerk] Alphabeat Glasses
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
Body/Hands/Feet/Head | Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo

Building | Fallen Gods Inc Odyssey ~ Pearl Grand Temple (RFL Donation Item at Fantasy Faire)
Bench Press | N4RS Bench Press

Fallen Gods Inc Odyssey ~ Pearls, Shelled on Stand (RFL Donation Item at Fantasy Faire)
Fallen Gods Inc Odyssey ~ Pearls, Hanging Arrangement A (RFL Donation Item at Fantasy Faire)
N4RS Gym Towel Folded 01 (from the Gym Locker set)
N4RS Gym Towel Folded 02 (from the Gym Locker set)
N4RS Gym Flag (from the Gym Locker set)
N4RS Gym Bench
N4RS Gym Lockers
N4RS Water Bottle (from the COPA Pool Lounger set)

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